Water Collection

Rainwater Harvesting collects and saves rainwater that would normally run away to a drain. Grey water recycling collects the water that comes from washing and bathing. This saved water can then be used for watering gardens, flushing toilets, washing cloths or when fresh mains water is not required. These activities can account for 50% of a households water use. Rainwater Harvesting can start with a simple garden water butt up to a fully integrated system

The Heppelthwaite House has installed a 2700Ltr Underground Rainwater Harvesting System providing water for the Garden, Flushing toilets and for the Washing Machine

Annual Savings

Annual Water Savings
82,500 Litres

For advice on installing water collection devices in your property please contact us
Benefits of installing Rain Water Collection systems
  • Reduced water bills on metered properties
  • Most water conservation devices are cheap and simple to install and lead to large water savings
  • Conserving water reduces carbon emissions and protects future supply
  • Lower energy bills by reducing hot water usage e.g. whilst showing.
  • Lower energy bills by installing low flush toilets, as toilet cisterns absorb heat energy from the room
  • Aerated showers give a better quality shower whilst saving water.