Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Panels collect energy from the Sun to heat hot water for the home. This process harnesses a clean and renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions

The Heppelthwaite Green Home
has installed a
2 Panel Solar Thermal System

Annual Savings on Fuel

Annual Income from RHI *

Annual Carbon Reduction
400 kgCO2

For advice on installing Solar Thermal on your property please contact us
Benefits of Solar Thermal
  • Harness the Suns Energy to produce about 60% of your Hot Water
  • By saving on your fuel bills and receiving an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive*, Solar Thermal is now a viable financial investment
  • Gain free Energy from the sun and minimise your exposure to fluctuating Energy prices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on Fossil Fuels by using clean, renewable energy from the sun
  • Modern Solar Thermal systems operate effectively in UK climates
  • Easy to install with minimum maintenance.
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