Efficiency Controls

Energy monitoring brings awareness of Energy consumption within the home. This allows occupants to regulate and look at ways of reducing energy usage, saving money and reducing carbon emissions. By managing and reducing the incoming Voltage to the home, Voltage Optimisation is a simple device, which reduces electrical consumption by approximately 10%.

The Heppelthwaite House has
installed the following
Efficiency Controls

Energy Monitoring device Savings vary upon increased Energy consumption Awareness

Voltage Optimiser
Annual Savings

Annual Carbon Reduction

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Benefits of Energy Monitoring
  • Enables the house hold to view in real time the amount of energy being used
  • See in real time how switching off appliances can reduce your energy consumption
  • Budget, control and adjust your energy consumption
  • Keep a historic record of your energy usage
  • Monitor your Carbon emissions output and look at ways of reducing your carbon footprint
Benefits of Voltage Optimisation
  • Easily installed by a professional electrician
  • Instantly save about 10% on your Electricity Bills
  • No need to notify your electricity provider or change your life style
  • Minimal install costs with instant savings