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Use your mouse to navigate around the Heppelthwaite house and explore the different Green Building Solutions offered by Heppelthwaite.

It's never been a better time to go green. Learn how each solution can benefit you and see how Government incentive schemes can maximise your financial returns, whilst reducing your carbon emissions

For advice on how these solutions can be used in your home please contact a member of our team.
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Explore the Heppelthwaite Green Home and learn of the benefits and savings to be made by investing in Green Building Solutions
The Heppelthwaite house is modeled on a typical three bed property with four occupants. Savings are estimations based on industry data.

To learn of the potential savings in your property please contact us
Benefits of Green Solutions
  • With Government incentive schemes and reduced energy bills, earn returns on your investment far better than any bank
  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and protect yourself from rising energy prices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and minimise your impact on the Environment
  • Play an active role in the UK meeting its emissions target and help towards a sustainable future
  • Increase the value and sale potential of your property
  • Be proud to be Green!